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Bring customers into every aspect of the product lifecycle, from beginning to end. From design, to handover, to service, give your customers a seat at the table to build brand loyalty and satisfaction. Align with customers quickly and easily to shorten the sales cycle and increase close rates.

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Terex Utilities

“We’ve given the ability to view and interact with 3D models to a more diverse group of users within our customer base to satisfy their needs for design reviews. By providing more detailed information for customers to review, that minimizes confusion and rework. We’ve found that with Vertex, the customer experience has vastly improved and we can accelerate our cycles.” Read More

Ryan Kloos, Sales Application Supervisor, Terex Utilities


Engineering product data and sales processes are disconnected. As a result, sales teams risk showing customers outdated or incorrect information during Engineer to Order (ETO) or Configure Price Quote (CPQ) conversations, which complicates the sales process, erodes trust, cuts into profitability, and blows out the sales cycle time.


Vertex helps sales and marketing teams centralize communication and cut complexity in the sales cycle. Our customers elevate the buying experience to cement brand loyalty, showcase product features, and bring value to relationships. We provide a connected, interactive digital experience in CPQ and ETO frameworks while building solid feedback loops between sales and engineering.

Use Case Solutions

Sales & Marketing

CPQ Example

Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

Provide visually rich, interactive experiences to help customers understand product options. Vertex enables manufacturers to embed rich visuals into CPQ applications connected directly to CAD and PLM to automatically reflect the most up-to-date information.

ETO Example

Engineer to Order (ETO)

Create interactive 3D experiences to align product offerings with customer needs. Delight your customers with a new form of interaction where they can see products take shape before their eyes.

Customer Experience Example

Customer Experience

Get customer-facing visuals to customers quickly to stand out from the competition, boost revenue streams, and sell faster. Send market-critical feedback upstream to influence product features that help customers.

Business Benefits

Exceed Revenue Goals

Clearly demonstrate value to your customers. By having a view of the entire solution dataset, customers can quickly understand customizations and add-ons for easy cross and upselling.

Accelerate Sales Cycle

Help customers immediately understand every aspect of a product. Ensure CPQ and ETO orders exactly match engineering’s offerings to avoid late-stage changes or sub-optimal product build.

Build Brand Loyalty

Never be the partner that customers dread working with. Connect customers to the right information in a 3D interactive context so they have confidence and peace of mind in their purchase.

Make Customers Happy

Stay connected with your customers. Not only does Vertex help sales teams ensure products meet customer expectations, we help you elevate relationships and build trust.

Sales & Marketing Examples

Power Your Customer Relationships With Product Expertise

Our low-code 3D digital twin visualization platform makes it easy to build and deploy purpose-built applications for manufacturing. We are the only company that offers 3D visualization at a massive scale with complex 3D model rendering on any device.

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Dig Into Digital Twin for

Get a little more background on customer experiences, CPQ, ETO, and the digital twin.

White Paper

From Digital Twin Vision to Reality

Get more out of your digital twin projects so everyone across the product lifecycle can benefit. Read our article to learn common challenges, opportunities, and tips to succeed in your digital twin initiatives. digital twin transformation business intelligence pilot test testing planning ideating product lifecycle design build
Case Study

With Vertex Connect, Terex Utilities Improves Sales Process and Reduces Rework

Read how Terex Utilities brought its equipment drawings to life in 3D with Vertex Connect. As a result, their customers could now see what they were buying right before their eyes, a real-life visualization of a future truck. With Vertex Connect, Terex Utilities unleashed the potential of their 3D CAD investments, delighted their customers, and gained substantial time and cost efficiencies.

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Development Team

A brief tutorial for rendering your first scene in Vertex with a working example and interactive demo.

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Bring clarity to your processes by connecting 3D digital twins to your work instructions.

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Connect external data sources to your 3D digital twin and deliver powerful insights with ease.

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