The 3D Engine for Your Digital Transformation Initiatives

The Vertex 3D platform is the world’s first visualization solution to enable non-3D developers to create and deploy meaningful 3D experiences for industrial applications and workflows.

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Transform How 3D Visualization Drives Your Business

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a rich, interactive 3D experience is worth a million. We help manufacturers leverage their most valuable asset—CAD data—to create engaging experiences within industrial applications. Get access to your 3D models without worrying about data transformation, compatible devices, expensive upgrades, or server capacity.

Accelerate time to market

Escape pilot purgatory and get your initiatives up and running in days, not months. Vertex helps companies accelerate digital transformation at a pace and with a quality never seen before. Our customers leverage the Vertex platform to create connected factories, provide world-class service programs, and revolutionize remote training.

Get your digital twin initiatives back on track

Stop struggling with complex, unwieldy, and expensive solutions that fall short. The Vertex low-code platform makes it easy to build and deploy purpose-built 3D applications—from idea to application—in under 30 days.

Experience a truly one-of-a-kind solution

There’s no other company today that offers industrial 3D visualization capabilities at the massive scale that Vertex delivers. We render high-fidelity 3D models in the cloud and deliver them to any device, anywhere.

Vertex is unmatched in its ability to scale to unlimited numbers of concurrent users with no loss in performance. It’s easy to integrate Vertex visualization with any system of record or data source. Vertex customers quickly create and deploy purpose-built applications that integrate with IoT, MES, ERP, and CRM systems.

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A modern way to deliver 3D experiences to all of your visualization initiatives

All Vertex customers—from small businesses to global enterprises—profit from the same benefits of our secure, scalable, and connected platform.

Reduce the cost of ownership by orders of magnitude

What’s the benefit of being cloud-native? No hardware to purchase or upgrade. No software to license, deploy, and maintain. No additional cost of high-end GPU’s. Flexible scaling to what you need. Inexpensive to store. Easy to move massive amounts of data.

Bring your data to life

Bring meaning and collaboration to visual communication. Enable intuitive, valuable collaboration across the organization and deliver visual context with ease.

No need to rip and replace

Vertex is a flexible and complementary system of engagement that easily integrates with the enterprise systems (such as CAD and PLM) you already have in place.

Democratize your 3D data

Deliver 3D experiences throughout your extended enterprise to anyone, anywhere. Eliminate the need for special hardware, software, or specialized training and knowledge. Zero install needed.

Pay as you go

We offer an elastic, pay-as-you-go approach that allows you to expand and contract as your users and data needs change.

Go fast and stay compliant

No more trade-offs between security and speed. Build and integrate 3D solutions faster than you ever thought possible while ensuring internal and regulatory systems of checks and balances.

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Vertex works closely with AWS to provide ready-built IoT solutions for industry. Start creating a 3D user experience for your IoT projects with AWS and Vertex today.

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The visualization platform that makes 3D possible everywhere

We’ve built the features and tools your teams need to succeed.

A low-code/no-code approach

Our modern API works with many programming languages. Our open source SDK makes it easy for you to integrate Vertex directly into your existing applications and systems with just a few lines of code.


Vertex does 100% of its 3D rendering in the cloud, delivering a secure stream of images to any device, anywhere in the world. We offer options for public, private, and even on-premise deployments.

Keep everything in sync

The Vertex platform makes it easy to upload your native CAD data and keep it current. Update data for 3D-enabled applications instantly, without the need to translate to specialized file formats or reduce model size and complexity.

Purpose-built 3D applications

Create 3D-powered user experiences with data from any system of record. The Vertex API and SDK make it easy to build end-user applications with data from PLM, CAD, ERP, MES, IoT, and CRM.

Unlimited scalability

Visualize any size model with any number of concurrent users on any device with no need for specialized hardware or software.

Unmatched performance

Deliver high fidelity interactive 3D experiences to any application or device in seconds.

Security and Governance

We're Serious About Protecting Your IP

We ensure the security of your data with best-in-class encryption, enterprise-grade identity and compliance controls, and full transparency and visibility.

Vertex is the only cloud-based 3D visualization platform that offers complete end-to-end protection of your data using industry best practices.

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We want to help you achieve the business outcomes you need from your digital transformation initiatives. Our industry experts are ready to work closely with you to understand your needs. We can help you create engaging purpose-built 3D experiences in 30 days or less.

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