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Share 3D CAD & BIM In Seconds Without Sending Files

Did you dream of translating, zipping, unzipping, uploading, and downloading CAD files when you were in school?

Of course not. So, why keep doing it?

Get started with Vertex Connect and spend more time doing what you love.


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"The ease of which we can now share 3D models minimizes complexity by giving the customer a more thorough opportunity to review designs."

- Kyle Wiesner
Sr. Engineering Manager, Terex Utilities

What You Can Do With Vertex Connect

Share 3D CAD Or BIM With Anyone

View massive CAD and BIM data together with your collegues in any web browser.

Create Shared Workspaces to collaborate with coworkers and Cross-org Workspaces to work with suppliers and partners.

Use Vertex Stories to share 3D snapshots instantly through email.

Waste no more time waiting for data to load. Models load in seconds on any device; not just desktops and laptops but phones and tablets, too.

"The key thing is the speed and performance of the model. The speed at which we can do design reviews and the readability of them."

– Ethan Roth
Project Engineer, Vermeer

Stream pixels, not part files
No 3D experience needed

Merge Models

Combine 3D CAD and BIM data from multiple different file formats and data sources.

Create a unified full-product model to collaborate with other product teams, suppliers, and partners.

Export your entire merged model or a reduced-BOM to a neutral format.

Communicate In Context

Add 3D pins with comments or markup with shapes and freehand drawings. Measure features and cross sections.

Highlight parts and assemblies with alternate material colors and transform parts to create exploded views.

Save all of your changes with 3D snapshots that can be shared with anyone.

See Exactly What You Want, Instantly

Search and view metadata from CAD and other data sources to quickly identify, select, and operate on parts and assemblies.

Explore your product structure and metadata with our tabular BOM viewer.

“Get to the flaws easier ... get beyond them faster.”

– Bill O'Neill
Engineering Manager, Vermeer

Create and Manage Web Content For The Vertex 3D Platform

Publish 3D content from your PLM to the web in one step. Create digital work instructions, part catalogs, and more.

Vertex Connect’s powerful publish feature makes models and 3D snapshots instantly available for use through the Vertex 3D Platform API.

"The capabilities we see in the Vertex platform will be a source of competitive advantage for us as we look to bring our Smart Factory vision to life."

– Program Manager
Smart Factory, F100 Customer

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Keep Your Product Data Secure

Create 3D applications without delivering CAD data to end-user devices. Because we stream pixels and not part files, your data is always safe with Vertex and never ends up on anyone’s device unless you want it to.

Vertex adheres to modern risk and compliance best practices. Our world-class approach to security ensures all your data is secure in transit and at rest. Watch our security video to learn more.

Vertex Connect™ Plans

Whether you're just starting out or need an enterprise implementation, we have a plan tailored for your needs.

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Vertex Customers Get More Done, Faster, and For Less Money

  • 84% time savings by eliminating translating, reducing, zipping, and transferring files
  • 50% cost savings by reducing hardware and software costs for non-CAD personnel

“No need for an engineering workstation, I can run it on my phone. We can show large complete models of our equipment on any device, anywhere.”

– Ethan Roth
Project Engineer, Vermeer

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