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Connecting Your Teams to the Digital Thread

Unlock product data to connect your extended enterprise.

Get your teams the product information they need without special software, hardware, PLM access, or downloads. With Vertex, teams prepare for design reviews, share work instructions, provide RFX information, and complete every workflow in between. Our app gives you open communication, true collaboration, and aligned understanding.

Instantly load and interact with any size 3D model

Stop spending hours reducing data down, and get data ready quickly for downstream collaborators. Vertex eliminates rendering, lag, and latency, giving you a responsive and simple experience so you can quickly scope data to the right context. Search BOM components by name or metadata to easily toggle parts on and off. Draw ideas and pin comments directly on models. Save your views in an interactive, 3D Snapshot to set the stage for meaningful conversations. Vertex helps you see your models and their context fast and clearly all along the digital thread.

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Connect all your stakeholders

No more static screenshots. Vertex perfects communication with downstream teams so anyone can easily propose ideas, contribute to the digital thread, and gain feedback in an easy-to-use way. Our app provides the environment for real-time idea exchange with collaborators. Stakeholders always work on the most recent model version with a complete history. Vertex simplifies the way engineers work with everyone.

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Integrate with your existing tools

The Vertex platform integrates seamlessly with your preferred PLM and CAD tools, giving you streamlined collaboration. Upload your models regardless of file format into Vertex’s cloud-based platform either directly through the app or via API. Vertex is fast to implement without external support, IT administration, or training. Always stay synced with the latest design intent through automatic model version updates.

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Access the data from wherever you are

Vertex doesn’t require any special hardware, software, PLM, or downloads. Our cloud-based platform does the heavy lifting of rendering models and it streams images rather than caching data locally. Access your models and conversations on any device. Whether you’re on the shop floor, discussing with a customer, or solving problems in the field, Vertex enables you to review, comment, and stay up-to-date with your project from anywhere.

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Protect IP with unconstrained communication

Vertex provides native enterprise-grade security features, including single sign-on, collaboration rules, and complete audit logs. Rather than sending actual data to a local client, our patent-pending visualization engine streams images to user devices. Reduce the BOM to truly eliminate any sensitive or proprietary information you want locked down. Remove the ability to export geometry, cross section, and measure. Revoke access to the model or Story completely at any time.

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