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3 Elements to Succeed in a Digital Transformation Project

Successful Industry 4.0 projects depend on the importance a company places on the project. Elements that showcase importance are having a dedicated team, building a communication strategy in organizational change, and gaining executive sponsorship. shreekanth moorthy industry 4.0 projects communication strategy organizational change executive sponsorship cio
Industry 4.0

Lunch & Learn Series: What Can You Do With Vertex?

To show you the power behind the Vertex platform, we are beginning a biweekly webcast series over the next several weeks, starting with smart manufacturing, enterprise digital twin, and field service. manufacturing industry webinar digital transformation connected enterprise product data lifecycle smart technology silos feedback twin field service quality thread building uptime improve
Digital Transformation

Implementing Digital Twin Standards | Responding to AIAA’s Position Paper

With so much proven potential behind digital twins, yet so much confusion in the market, it's critical that companies start finding ways to ensure clarity and context. The best way to do that: standardization. digital twin transformation aerospace mike sellberg standardization standards manufacturing 3D visualization models
Digital Transformation

The Problem With Files in Manufacturing (And How to Solve It)

Sharing files from engineering to downstream teams opens the door for miscommunication, loss of feedback, orphaned data, and IP risk. Stop depending on files to share information. jim zwica file dependency engineering downstream teams neutral sharing files 3D visuals visualization plm CAD product data visualize
Industry 4.0

Attract The Next Gen in Manufacturing

Your top competitive advantage is your people. Here’s how to attract the next generation of talent in manufacturing using Industry 4.0. matt heying industry 4.0 manufacturing recruit talent attract retain gap 3D technology digital tool
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Put People First: A Primer to Success in Smart Factory

Deloitte’s CIO, CTO, and Smart Factory Leader gave a VIP presentation on the value behind a smart factory. Read our recap blog from VP Mike Sellberg. mike sellberg deloitte CES 2021 smart factory ecosystem manufacturing supply chain digital
Industry 4.0

[Webinar Recap] Transforming From a Legacy to a Leading Manufacturer

Communication is the key to aligning company initiatives, and the cloud is the catalyst. Vertex uses rich 3D visuals to align everyone in your organization. dan murray ipx institute for process excellence northrop grumman paul nelson digital transformation connected enterprise plm manufacturing technology cloud 3D visuals
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What I Learned About Digital Transformation in November

Read our biggest takeaways from the CIMdata, Purdue University, and PI DX digital transformation events. digital transformation twin plm purdue event CIMData roadmap PI DX PIDX PI DX manufacturing innovation technology 3D data john heller
Industry 4.0

Your First 2 Steps Into the Future of Manufacturing

Manufacturers should take smaller, practical, and data-driven steps toward digital transformation: embrace the cloud and democratize your data. manufacturing cloud democratize industry 4.0 data digital transformation matt heying product design plm
Industry 4.0

The Future of Manufacturing: True Alignment Between Silos

Digital transformation gives manufacturers a chance to align different silos as they consume and interact with a digital twin. future manufacturing downstream teams digital twin service team factory floor line worker data quality vertex software
Digital Transformation

[Webinar Recap] It’s Time to Focus on Digital Acceptance

Didn’t catch our webinar with IpX? Check out our recap blog to learn how to modernize legacy processes and accept digital transformation in the new normal. institute for process excellence ipx webinar joseph anderson digital acceptance legacy cloud security transformation remote collaboration
Remote Collaboration

Hosting Remote Design Reviews

Working from home? Here’s a few tips on how to get the most out of a remote design review. remote collaboration design review matt heying product 3D
Digital Transformation

3 Steps To Succeed in Digital Transformation

Following a clear strategy to select and implement a solution ensures engineering managers succeed in digital transformation initiatives. digital transformation twin succeed pilot test scale KPI scaling
Digital Transformation

3 Tips to Be Successful With Digital Twin

Learn from PLM expert Don Haupt how to address the 3 major challenges of digital twin: the amount of data, silos, and setting expectations. digital twin plm data silo department IoT BOM manufacturing engineering
Digital Transformation

5 Ways the Digital Twin Connects Teams

Digital twins could be the key to connecting the departmental silos. Learn how in our blog from PLM expert Craig Brown. digital transformation manufacturing plm silo twin product quality innovation analytics department
Digital Transformation

3 Ways to Recruit New Talent in Manufacturing

Manufacturers are fighting a talent war. Digital transformation may be the key to attracting—and retaining—top talent. industry 4.0 manufacturing recruit talent attract retain gap 3D technology digital tool training
Digital Transformation

3 Takeaways from PI PLMx 2019

We’re back from PI PLMx, and the name of the game continues to be digital transformation. John Heller reviews his takeaways. PI PLMx digital transformation john heller process manufacturing
Product Lifecycle Management

What Does the “P” in PLM Stand For?

Between product, process, procurement, and people - what does the P in PLM stand for? plm purdue digital enterprise center product process procurement lifecycle management purchasing
Digital Transformation

Pt 4: Digital Production in Smart Factories

Don’t confuse a smart factory with new technology. Digital manufacturing expert Thomas Spilker reveals what it means to be a connected and transparent manufacturing shop floor. smart factory digital manufacturing industry 4.0 automation AI IoT IIoT transformation
Product Lifecycle Management, Digital Transformation

“Eating The Elephant” in Industry 4.0

Does your digital transformation ever feel like eating an elephant? In our PLM Center Meeting recap, Alison Sickelka uncovers strategies and techniques to help. plm digital enterprise center purdue transformation people process model-based MBE
Digital Transformation

Are You Ready for the Next Gen Engineer? [Webinar]

What can manufacturers do to attract the next gen engineer? 1 in five US companies say finding the right talent is their biggest obstacle in digital transformation. industry 4.0 manufacturing recruit talent attract retain gap 3D technology digital tool training webinar
Digital Transformation

Going Digital Leads To An Agile Supply Chain

When manufacturers and suppliers work in silos, the enterprise loses months of development time and billions of dollars in supply chain disruption. Digital tools can break down enterprise-wide silos. digital transformation supply chain supplier agile manufacturing OEM suppliers collaboration
Design Collaboration

How to Get the Most out of Your Design Review: Pt 3

What happens when all teams across the extended enterprise have the information they need instantly to make decisions quickly and confidently? Product development timelines shorten, innovations increase, and teams make better decisions. design review vertex connect manufacturing procurement engineering supplier supply chain collaboration product development lifecycle
Digital Transformation

4 Innovations for Digital Product Design

Is your product design data trapped in engineering? It may be pushing out your deadlines, increasing your cost, and limiting your innovation. Digital capabilities are changing that. digital transformation manufacturing product design development process strategies workflow twin cloud VR ar additive
Digital Transformation, Product Lifecycle Management

5 PLM Themes You Need to Know [Webinar]

We are partnering up with two PLM veterans to bring you the industry’s best tips and tricks for boosting collaboration during product development. digital transformation plm 3D visualization connect visual webinar
Design Collaboration

How to Get the Most out of Your Design Review: Pt 2

Today’s team collaboration is a mess, which means that people can’t get the information they need when they need it to make decisions. design review vertex connect manufacturing procurement engineering supplier chain supply collaboration product development lifecycle
Digital Manufacturing

Recapping IpX ConX19

The true theme of ConX19 was about the attitude and approach a company must take when undergoing digital transformation. ipx institute for process excellence ConX digital transformation challenges
Digital Transformation, Supplier Collaboration

What is Digital Manufacturing?

Digital technology isn’t how organizations will transform into a digital enterprise. Companies must take an enterprise-wide approach to their digital manufacturing transformation. benefits features digitalization digitization transformation industrial collaboration supply chain

5 Steps to Protect Product Design Data

If you’re in the final stages of negotiating a contract with a SaaS provider, keep these 5 things in mind to keep data secure in the cloud. security cloud saas protect software protection CAD product design encrypt encryption contract
Design Collaboration, Supplier Collaboration

How to Get the Most out of Your Design Review: Pt 1

Our 3-part blog series uncovers what happens with easy and scalable collaboration accessible by anyone. design review vertex connect manufacturing procurement engineering supplier chain collaboration product development lifecycle

How to Evaluate SaaS Security

Looking for a new SaaS provider? Learn how to first evaluate yourself and our 8 items to consider when evaluating a potential vendor. security cloud saas software protect protection evaluate evaluation soc csa assessment
Design Collaboration

How to Choose the Best 3D Collaboration Tool

Ask yourself these 3 questions to determine if your 3D collaboration tool is really working for you—or if it’s limiting your collaboration experiences. 3D collaboration tool solution visualization model scale scaling plm engineering engineers design product CAD

How To Look At Cloud Security Risks

Put cloud security risks in their proper perspectives to have rational and business-focused discussions on the use of cloud technologies in your organization. cloud security secure risks model legacy risk
Design Collaboration

Agile Response to Customer Needs

When it’s time to make changes to a product, an OEM may hesitate to change. Gain the agility to respond quickly to shifting customer needs. product development lifecycle supplier collaboration customer vertex connect field issue resolution proactive
Design Collaboration

Stop Traveling to Lock Down Designs

Vertex brings collaborators into a common, scalable platform. Teams can easily review product data from any size model in real-time Stories with their collaborators. product development lifecycle vertex connect collaboration decision making design

Is the Cloud Secure? Yes.

Cloud solutions are more secure than traditional, on-premise solutions—if used correctly. cloud software security legacy secure responsibility manufacturing saas
Design Collaboration

How to Connect Workplace Silos with Vertex

Vertex gives teams a place to collaborate early in the design process so companies can spot opportunities to add critical components, shorten timelines, and improve the design. product development lifecycle vertex connect collaboration decision making design silos downstream teams departments
Design Collaboration, Model-Based Enterprise

Solving Design Collaboration in Aerospace & Defense

90% of A&D companies expect to exchange more data with partners in the coming years. Learn how to get ahead of collaboration challenges. CIMData design collaboration aerospace plm extended enterprise 3D

How to Implement Cloud Technologies

I recommend following three steps to most successfully implement cloud technologies. cloud risk security csa product design soc SOC2 assessment pilot SOCII
Design Collaboration

Make Teamwork a Cinch

Today’s collaboration tools limit early-stage design, but early collaboration improves innovation. Vertex simplifies collaboration on 3D product data. product development lifecycle vertex connect collaboration decision making design silos downstream teams departments supplier supply chain
Product Lifecycle Management

PLM’s Growth in 2018

Vertex Solutions Architect Jim Zwica recaps the CIMdata PLM Market and Industry Forum event, noting how manufacturers are taking advantage of advancements in PLM technology. plm CIMData market collaboration innovation ROI return on investment scale

4 Misconceptions About The Cloud

Cloud-based solutions provide more value, security, and benefits than on-premises software. cloud misconception hesitations implementation secure data security
Design Collaboration

The Pain of Product Development—And How to Fix It

Today’s design collaboration process is broken. Learn the 5 pain points of collaboration in product development—and how to solve them product development design lifecycle supplier collaboration supply chain customers
Model-Based Enterprise

Tips to transform into a Model-Based Enterprise

Couldn't make it to the webinar on model-based transformation? Our recap blog summarizes today’s barriers and tips to MBE. model-based enterprise MBE definition MBD collaboration product development webinar

The Difference Between Cloud and On-Premise

To truly get maximum ROI, a company must closely analyze 4 differences between on-premises licensing and cloud-based SaaS solutions. cloud security legacy cost ROI return on investment technologies technology on-premise software saas

A Primer on the Cloud

The cloud seems intimidating, but it becomes less scary and more manageable once we explore the components and terminology. cloud IoT PaaS saas resources elasticity scalability hybrid public private storage computing
Product Lifecycle Management

The Evolution of Collaboration

Watch a panel discussion that explores how new technology is affecting collaboration. collaboration product development lifecycle manufacturing webinar
Supplier Collaboration

6 Methods for Effective Supplier Collaboration

There are six good places to start in order to simplify and streamline collaboration. supplier collaboration supply chain relationship model-based enterprise MBE tools product design data
Product Lifecycle Management

PLM 101 [Webinar Recap]

The right PLM approach can impact the entire value chain, but the industry hasn’t adopted a single understanding or approach to PLM, and some companies don’t even understand the importance at all. plm product design webinar strategy
Supplier Collaboration

The Secret to Successful Supplier Collaboration

The first step to improving external supplier collaboration: look internally. The relationship between engineering and procurement impacts the ability to work with suppliers. supplier collaboration building relationships R&D research and development procurement manufacturing engineering
Product Lifecycle Management

Join our PLM 101 Course with Don Haupt

The value of PLM is not only about the fundamentals of understanding what it is, but knowing how to best implement PLM throughout the whole company - not just in one area. plm product design webinar strategy
Supplier Collaboration

Make Supplier Collaboration a Two-Way Street

When OEMs bring suppliers into the fold, suppliers can provide innovative ideas for improvement and support enterprise initiatives. supplier collaboration industry 4.0 tools manufacturing
Supplier Collaboration

How Supplier Collaboration Impacts Innovation

The most forward-thinking manufacturers constantly seek new ways to innovate. Yet, many overlook one of the most advantageous and effective methods to innovate in product design: the supply chain. supplier collaboration innovation manufacturing relationships chain product design
Model-Based Enterprise

The Future State of Model-Based Enterprise

Why do manufacturers transition to model-based enterprise? One common theme unites organizations and will drive the future of MBE. digitalization digital trends manufacturing model-based MBD definition enterprise MBE 3D model 2D drawing future state predictions
Model-Based Enterprise, Product Lifecycle Management

Changing Mindsets and Behaviors

Kurt, John, and I all come from different backgrounds and levels of comfort with PLM. Despite our differences, we all had the same primary takeaway from the PLM Center meeting. purdue digital enterprise center product lifecycle management plm silos department downstream teams digitalization software
Model-Based Enterprise

Today’s Benefits and Challenges of MBE

Despite the benefits, multiple compounding factors limit a company’s ability to implement Model-Based Enterprise. digitalization digital trends manufacturing model-based definition MBD enterprise MBE 3D model 2D drawing benefits
Model-Based Enterprise

Transforming into a Model-Based Enterprise

The MBD standard has been around for several years, yet many organizations continue to use both 3D models and 2D drawings. digitalization digital trends manufacturing model-based definition MBD enterprise MBE 3D model 2D product lifecycle information PMI supply chain
Product Lifecycle Management

Expand Your PLM Toolbox

PLM software is vital to the success of product development. But, I encourage my colleagues to think of PLM software as just one piece in a large puzzle. product lifecycle management plm software tool provider design development process ROI return on investment objectives metrics alignment
Industry 4.0, Product Lifecycle Management

3 Digital Themes in PLM

To ensure optimal collaboration and a strong product model, forward-thinking organizations rely on three digital approaches to improve 3D product workflows. product lifecycle management plm software model model-based enterprise MBE digital twin thread collaboration methods design
Industry 4.0

The First Step to Smart Manufacturing

One of the biggest trends in today’s manufacturing climate is how rapidly organizations are accumulating data. The question becomes, once companies have all this data - what now? product lifecycle management plm data smart manufacturing industry 4.0 best practices factory real-time
Model-Based Enterprise

Digital Engineering in the DoD

The DoD predicts enormous cost-, time-, and resource-savings benefits by switching to a digital engineering strategy. digital engineering strategy model-based enterprise MBE definition MBD design efficient collaboration source truth product lifecycle management department defense DoD
Industry 4.0, Product Lifecycle Management

The Limitations of PLM Software

Before organizations can fully take advantage of the PLM approach’s benefits, they must realize the limitations of today’s PLM software solutions. product lifecycle management plm software limitations challenges data compatability hurdles problems
Product Lifecycle Management

Stop Thinking of PLM as Software

The inherent gaps in today’s PLM software solutions prevent companies from making significant progress towards Industry 4.0. product lifecycle management plm software industry 4.0
Industry 4.0, Product Lifecycle Management

How Industry 4.0 Revolutionizes Manufacturing

A key component in experiencing Industry 4.0 benefits is leveraging the product lifecycle management (PLM) approach. industry 4.0 smart factory plm product lifecycle management software manufacturing
Product Lifecycle Management

3 Ongoing Evolutions in PLM

Over the last ten years, there are three significant changes in how organizations understand and leverage PLM. product lifecycle management plm software manufacturing