Written by Don Haupt

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My experience in manufacturing and product design has taught me that most large-scale manufacturers have a need for product lifecycle management (PLM). Not only does it help companies design and build better products, but it helps to improve and optimize future products. In fact, the right approach to PLM can help companies become leaders in Industry 4.0.

I’m not the only one who sees it this way. Over the years, I’ve collaborated with multiple engineers, product designers, and manufacturers in the PLM space. Unfortunately, my experience has taught me that the industry doesn’t always understand the true value to PLM – or even have a unifying understanding of what it is.

On behalf of Vertex Software, I will be presenting a webinar to any who wish to learn more. In the 30-minute PLM 101 course, I will teach attendees:

  • The truth behind PLM based on 35 years’ of industry experience implementing and managing PLM strategies at Caterpillar
  • How to create a PLM strategy that works for the whole enterprise
  • Ways that PLM can put companies in a position to be a leader in Industry 4.0

The value of PLM is not only about the fundamentals of understanding what it is, but knowing how to best implement PLM throughout the whole company – not just in one area. I invite anybody who wants to optimize their way of integrating PLM into their business to attend this course.


About Don Haupt

Don worked with Caterpillar Inc. from 1979-2017 in a variety of roles, including Lead Business Process Strategist and Technical Steward for PLM and engineering systems. Don worked in multiple product development disciplines and product lines. He has significant experience in product design, simulation and validation, engineering processes, and PLM strategy and process, and environment and systems definition. Don’s experience as the strategic technical director for PLM World also contributes to his expertise with PLM. Today, Don is enjoying retirement and serving as a PLM consultant, providing customized technical guidance and counsel for engineering management and engineering design processes. He leverages his deep expertise in Product Lifecycle Management, Model Based Engineering, Advanced Product Quality Planning and many other product design and development processes.