What makes us different

NO FILES We stream pixels, not part files, ensuring your IP is always protected from incidental disclosure.

DEVICE AGNOSTIC We are ideal for broadly distributed 3D solutions for mobile and low-power devices common to supply chain, sales, service, and factory workflows in multi-CAD and multi-PLM organizations.

COMBINE DATA WITH EASE We make integration with manufacturing systems easy. Eliminate cumbersome 3D data translation workflows. Merge data from multiple CAD, BIM, and PLM systems and associate metadata from any source effortlessly.

ZERO INSTALL We deliver a revolutionary zero-install, cloud-based approach to industrial 3D visualization that supports scale of use and quality never before thought possible.

MASSIVE MODELS Visualize large 3D models that are otherwise impossible to view even on today’s most powerful computers. Instantly view CAD or BIM data of full products and entire factories.

QUICK TIME-TO-VALUE We provide turnkey web-based software and developer tools that make sharing 3D data and embedding 3D content in software applications fast and easy.

“One of the values Vertex provides is their partnership. They excel at the Customer Service and Support. They have an eagerness to listen and continuously improve...”

- Ethan Roth
Project Engineer, Vermeer

3D is the future

At Vertex Software, we believe 3D is the premier communication medium for the future of human innovation. We make collaboration with 3D CAD and PLM data easy and cost-effective. We enable companies to extend 3D to sales, service, factory, and the supply chain and engage customers, employees, and partners to drive profit.

Vertex was founded by experts in manufacturing systems, 3D visualization, and cloud software and security. We strive daily to accelerate global innovation, discovery, and idea exchange. We do this by providing the highest quality products and support for our customers.

Our Vision

We believe sharing information and ideas should be easy. We are driven to empower people with the right solutions to create, visualize, and collaborate like never before.

Our Mission

To accelerate global innovation, discovery, and idea exchange by providing the premier visual collaboration platform.

Our Values

Vertex’s four values act as a roadmap to achieving the vision and center on one question:
How can we make decisions in a uniquely Vertex way?

  1. People & Teams

    We ensure positive impact through sincere and open engagement.

  2. Together We Go Further

    We empower each other to collaborate and innovate to deliver the best possible outcomes.

  3. Innovation Happens Everywhere

    We value cross-functional collaboration that supports thoughtful, respectful, and creative individuals

  4. Driven to Achieve

    We push ourselves to achieve our goals in service of our customers.