Data Access For Any Team. No Burden On Engineering

Decisions in product development impact every other team along the digital thread. Stop wasting time on file sharing and data transformation to share product data. Start cutting down information silos and connecting with downstream teams.

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“I immediately saw the benefit of the feature ‘show nearby.’ We were able to watch it go through various stages of development. We’ve been very happy with the work Vertex is doing to support features like this.” Read More

— Steve Schemm, Vermeer Corporation


Engineers carry the heavy burden of unlocking product data from enterprise systems for downstream teams to make decisions. They spend extensive time stripping designs down and sharing lightweight versions, which then create orphaned data and IP risks. Downstream teams then can't participate in iterative design improvements.


Vertex eliminates the common problems and burdens in today’s product development workflows. Our customers access accurate, real-time information to reduce design risks, improve the design cycle, find problems earlier, and gain feedback on buildability, serviceability, and the customer experience.

Use Case Solutions

Product Development

Connected PLM Example

Connected PLM

Reach all departments and teams without breaking the connection to your source of truth. Easily extend data and make it instantly available to anyone in your organization so they can access information and provide feedback.

Design Review Example

Design Review

Experience better quality design reviews in early stages, DFx, and customer feedback with full-scale connected visualization. Virtual reviews in Vertex ensure that prototypes more closely follow design intent, saving time and cost.

Design Innovation Example

Design Innovation

Create a feedback loop from all teams so you know which products are best. Gain market-critical information to improve designs based on warranty, defect, and serviceability. Identify part commonality and ability to re-use components instead of designing something new.

Business Benefits

Connect Workplace Silos

Enable two-way communication for all your stakeholders across the enterprise. A more connected workforce with visibility into product design truly strengthens a product value, shortens timelines, and enables insightful conversation.

Slash Design Risk

Get everyone on the same page with accurate product information. By knowing how products perform in the field and gaining customer feedback, engineers can create truly beneficial products.

Data Security

Your IP is the most sensitive to a manufacturer. Keep your sensitive product information secure. Vertex never sends files and only streams images, meaning original data or geometry is never exposed to or stored on a client device.

Get Back Value Added Time

Get back hundreds of hours of design time back a year. Without needing to translate data, strip down files, and chase down feedback, engineers can spend more time on the work that truly matters.

Product Development Examples

Power Your Innovative Designs With Collaboration

Our out-of-the-box solution enables product development teams to collaborate on and share 3D securely with anyone, anywhere. We are the only company that offers 3D visualization at a massive scale with complex 3D model rendering on any device.

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Dig Into Digital Twin for
Product Design

Get a little more background on connected PLM, design innovation, design reviews, and the digital twin.

Digital Transformation

The Problem With Files in Manufacturing (And How to Solve It)

Sharing files from engineering to downstream teams opens the door for miscommunication, loss of feedback, orphaned data, and IP risk. Stop depending on files to share information. jim zwica file dependency engineering downstream teams neutral sharing files 3D visuals visualization plm CAD product data visualize
White Paper

Uncovering the Pain of Design Collaboration

This white paper explores the pains in product development and what the extended enterprise needs to do to mitigate them. design collaboration engineer supplier engineering product lifecycle

Get Started With Your
Development Team

A brief tutorial for rendering your first scene in Vertex with a working example and interactive demo.

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Build a digital twin by mapping sensor IoT data directly to your 3D geometry. Set up conditional triggers to help users better understand and explore issues, failures, and performance of individual assets.

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Connect external data sources to your 3D digital twin and deliver powerful insights with ease.

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