Connect Your Enterprise Data to the Digital Thread

Create connected, intelligent experiences anywhere in your organization. Guarantee your Industry 4.0 efforts bring quick value and improve business KPI’s by implementing innovative digital twin projects quickly with the ability to scale fast.

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“As manufacturers continue on their digital transformation journey, the value of having data at the fingertips of all workers—whether it’s on a factory floor or in field service—is only growing. Vertex extends the capability: putting 3D visualization in the hands of everyone, unlocking use cases that expedite problem solving, which in turn can open up new revenue potential and improve the customer experience.” Read More

— Sonal Naik Managing Director, Deloitte Catalyst


The digital thread is a tangled mess with siloed departments, lack of enterprise system access, trapped data, and mismatched systems. Without a way to connect people, process, and product data, companies lose competitive advantage, underutilize technology, get lost in pilot purgatory, and overrun on costs.


Vertex empowers digital transformation teams to drive exponential growth with a visual connection to the digital thread. Our customers connect internal and external stakeholders to the digital thread by bringing everyone together to make informed, timely business decisions. Vertex provides the building blocks for manufacturers to truly democratize data across all systems and teams along the digital thread.

Use Case Solutions

Enterprise Digital Twin

Big Data Example

Big Data

Finally, get powerful value out of all the data in your organization. Overlay your tabular data with 3D visuals to freely flow information into and out of all departments and systems as needed.

IoT Example


Package your sensor data into an intuitive format without spending hours cleaning the data. Make decisions for predictive maintenance, OEE, throughput, and field performance.

Digital TwiN Collaboration Example

Digital Twin Collaboration

Vertex enables true bidirectional collaboration with all other teams and enterprise systems along the digital thread. Teams can interact and contribute back and forth with ease.

Process Digital Twin Example

Process Digital Twin

Understand insights into your entire, end-to-end supply chain processes. View data from the entire flow in one spot with real-time digital twin applications to bring clarity and optimizations without multiple different systems.

Business Benefits

Cement Brand Loyalty

Centralize communication to elevate the buying experience for your customers. By providing connected, interactive experiences, companies bring value to relationships.

Improve Margins

Digitize and automate processes to help manage data complexities. Deliver meaningful analytics, create closed-loop feedback systems, and soften the boundaries between different teams to improve quality, efficiencies, and productivity.

Leapfrog The Competition

Because you’re able to make better use of your data, companies can create more innovative, valuable products that directly impact the customer experience and brand loyalty.

Gain Quick Wins

Stop waiting months or years to see the benefits of digital transformation. Improve your decision-making, analysis, product improvement, and customer experiences anywhere in your enterprise in as little as a few weeks.

Digital Twin Power Example

Power Your Extended Enterprise With Connected Visuals

Our low-code 3D digital twin visualization platform makes it easy to build and deploy purpose-built applications for manufacturing. We are the only company that connects people, processes, and data in context.

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Dig More Into Digital Twin

Get a little more background about connecting your enterprise with digital twin projects throughout your organization.

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Development Team

A brief tutorial for rendering your first scene in Vertex with a working example and interactive demo.

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Build a digital twin by mapping sensor IoT data directly to your 3D geometry. Set up conditional triggers to help users better understand and explore issues, failures, and performance of individual assets.

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Connect external data sources to your 3D digital twin and deliver powerful insights with ease.

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