Accelerating Digital Transformation - CIMdata eBook

CIMdata's latest eBook shows you how to gain digital twin wins with low ownership cost in 30 days with the Vertex platform. CIMData eBook digital twin transformation vertex platform 3D visualization software API sdk
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Accelerate Your Smart Factory with 3D Visuals

3D visualization is the key to powering your smart factory. Download our white paper to see how Vertex embeds 3D visuals to power your smart factory and work instructions. smart factory industry 4.0 manufacturing factory of the future line production worker connected

Vertex Connect™ App Tour

Connect, share, and collaborate with 3D product data from anywhere—no hardware, software, or deployment needed. vertex connect design collaboration engineering engineer

Tools That Enable Remote Work

What does the future of manufacturing truly hold? Our VP of Product Matt Heying sat down with Craig Brown on the Digital Enterprise Society podcast to explore the limitations, and opportunities, of remote work. remote collaboration DES podcast
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Vertex & Data Security

The combination of cloud security and Vertex's patented visualization methods protect your CAD data and IP. Download our white paper to learn more. security secure securing data IP intellectual property CAD

Digital Transformation Worksheet

Download our digital transformation worksheet to get you started on planning, implementing, and scaling a pilot test for the digital twin. digital transformation pilot ideation production idea test testing planning twin

Understanding the Next Generation of Design Tools

Will the wave of cloud enthusiasm successfully take over today's traditional solutions? Our VP of product Matt Heying sat down with Digital Enterprise Society podcast to chat cloud opportunities. cloud DES podcast CPU GPU

Riding the Next Wave of Collaboration

Unsolved collaboration challenges are holding back new talent and experienced engineers alike. We joined the Digital Enterprise Society podcast to offer our advice. collaboration design engineer podcast DES

How Vertex Keeps Product Designs Secure

Watch our security video to learn how our cloud-first approach to sharding, encrypting, and protecting your data gives you peace of mind. secure securing security data IP intellectual property CAD video encryption protection encrypting
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Harnessing The Cloud's ROI in Manufacturing

This white paper provides a primer on the cloud's capabilities and shows how the cloud can provide significant benefits in a manufacturer's ROI. cloud ROI return on investment premise digital transformation prem secure security securing data IP
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Uncovering the Pain of Design Collaboration

This white paper explores the pains in product development and what the extended enterprise needs to do to mitigate them. design collaboration engineer supplier engineering product lifecycle