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Align visuals and data across all your teams

Turn product development into a story-telling experience. Vertex brings all your teams, suppliers, and partners together in a secure, scalable platform for 3D collaboration. It's time to connect your teams and make better decisions.

Connected Teams
for Better Decisions

Vertex lets you share and collaborate on a living 3D model with anyone. No data transformation, no IT administration, no deployment, and no special hardware or software needed. Access any size model from any device to quickly reach design decisions.

  1. Collect

    Upload your 3D models to Vertex either through easy user import or via APIs plugged into your PLM or CAD system. Vertex accepts both neutral and native file formats. Upload takes only minutes.

    Screenshot of the application demonstrating the collection step in the cycle.

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  2. Filter

    Drill down to your specific design challenge with easy-to-use tools like metadata search, show nearby, and spatial queries to reduce the BOM. Setting your desired view is highly responsive with no lag.

    Screenshot of the application demonstrating the filter step in the cycle.

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  3. Review

    Communicate design ideas or challenges with our highly responsive interface. Set your views, add markup, and tag collaborators in comments.

    Screenshot of the application demonstrating the review step in the cycle.

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  4. Bundle

    Save your living model into a Snapshot, and bundle multiple Snapshots into a Story. Attach documents and set security controls, such as the ability to export geometry and assembly information.

    Screenshot of the application demonstrating the bundle step in the cycle.

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  5. Share

    Share instantly with anyone as easily as entering an email address. Story authors can grant or revoke access to the Story at any time, giving you full control over your product information.

    Screenshot of the application demonstrating the sharing step in the cycle.

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  6. Collaborate

    Manipulate models, discuss with collaborators, export geometry, and upload revised changes. Snapshots automatically update with new model versions without affecting collaboration notes.

    Screenshot of the application demonstrating the collaboration step in the cycle.

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We wrote our story differently

  • Team up instantly and securely to share data with anyone

  • Access models at the same time as thousands of users

  • Load and manipulate over 1 million BOM lines in a blink

  • Get up to speed on any device with no training

  • Render massive models on any device—no special hardware needed

  • Deploy quickly by your own team with no admin required

Bring your story characters to life

Vertex makes 3D team collaboration simple and fast. Our visual product stories unite the most important characters in your extended enterprise—from internal teams to external suppliers, partners, and customers. Access the same 3D models and product information whenever and wherever you need it.

What's in a story?

Learn how the Vertex platform is connecting teams through visual stories.

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Create your own story

Start writing your own story using the Vertex platform.

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