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The factory floor is the lifeblood of a manufacturer. Turn your factory into a competitive advantage with real-time feedback to improve costs, process quality, and throughput. Empower people with data they need for smarter, better decision-making.

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“As manufacturers continue on their digital transformation journey, the value of having data at the fingertips of all workers—whether it’s on a factory floor or in field service—is only growing. Vertex extends the capability: putting 3D visualization in the hands of everyone, unlocking use cases that expedite problem solving, which in turn can open up new revenue potential and improve the customer experience.” Read More

— Sonal Naik Managing Director, Deloitte Catalyst


Manufacturing operations teams are inundated with data about products and operations. They struggle to get data to people in a consumable way, so activities like product build and quality reporting suffer. Every day, they fall further behind those that are gaining a competitive edge from IoT data that improves work instructions and product build.


Vertex helps manufacturers immediately access and understand smart factory operations. Our customers connect data from multiple sources to create a factory digital twin, which vastly improves efficiencies on the shop floor, builds tight feedback loops, and connects data from the entire supply chain.

Use Case Solutions

Factory of the Future

Factory IoT Example

Smart Factory

View your factory holistically. Vertex allows you to build visual user interfaces with situational awareness to immediately analyze and gain insights from IoT data. Combine asset data with real-time visuals for predictive maintenance, OEE, and factory process insights.

Work Instructions Example

Work Instructions

Bring model-based definition to the shop floor. Vertex enables dynamic, up-to-date work instructions on any low-powered device, tied directly to the engineering source of truth. Empower your shop floor personnel to boost productivity, eliminate rework, and provide feedback.

Defect Reporting Example

Quality Reporting

Increase factory efficiency by improving communication regarding error and defect reporting. Vertex helps companies identify quality issues on the assembly line to make improvements through dynamic feedback loops.

Business Benefits

Boost Safety

Guarantee your factory floor personnel have the safety, ergonomics, and HSE measures they need to keep operations running smoothly.

Improve Quality

Viewing real-time, connected data means you can understand your smart factory from an entire plant down to a single bolt. With that comes eliminated rework, faster build, and streamlined workflows.

Spur Output

Gain visibility into every aspect of your factory. Remove bottlenecks, reduce operator error, and improve takt time on the factory line so you can get more product out the door faster.

Slash Cost

Eliminate wasteful spending on antiquated processes. Vertex reduces operating costs by helping you identify design issues early, standardizing processes, and reducing downtime.

Actionable Data Illustration

Power Your Smart Factory with Actionable Data

Our low-code 3D digital twin visualization platform makes it easy to build and deploy purpose-built applications for manufacturing. We are the only company that offers connected 3D visualization at a massive scale on any device.

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Dig Into Digital Twin for

Get a little more background on smart factory, manufacturing operations, and the digital twin.

Industry 4.0

The Future of Manufacturing: True Alignment Between Silos

Digital transformation gives manufacturers a chance to align different silos as they consume and interact with a digital twin. future manufacturing downstream teams digital twin service team factory floor line worker data quality vertex software

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A brief tutorial for rendering your first scene in Vertex with a working example and interactive demo.

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Bring clarity to your processes by connecting 3D digital twins to your work instructions.

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Connect external data sources to your 3D digital twin and deliver powerful insights with ease.

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