Terex Utilities Improves Customer Collaboration Through 3D Visualization

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Terex is a leading global manufacturer of aerial devices, digger derricks, and auger drills for the electric utility industry. To share designs, Terex would provide 2D drawings and PDFs to obtain design feedback. But with over a dozen brands across hundreds of customers, collaborative product design quickly became a challenge.

In 2019, Terex partnered with Vertex Software to improve the collaborative experience with customers using 3D models. By using Vertex to communicate with customers, Terex centralizes communication, reduces complexity, and provides a thorough and easy opportunity to review product designs. As a result, Terex cuts the time needed to prepare and provide designs to customers by leveraging 3D visualization. Customers receive an interactive, 3D version of the product to easily understand and provide more valuable feedback quicker. Terex can consolidate that feedback in one real-time location to accelerate timelines while reducing cost.

“We’ve given the ability to view and interact with 3D models to a more diverse group of users within our customer base to satisfy their needs for design reviews,.” says Kloos. “By providing more detailed information for customers to review, that minimizes confusion and rework. We’ve found that with Vertex, the customer experience has vastly improved and we can accelerate our cycles.”

“Over the last few months, we’ve had zero travel to customer sites—something that wouldn’t be possible without the capabilities available in Vertex,” says Weisner. “Long-term, this change to our process stands to save countless dollars and time for our sales team, while improving the experience for our customers.”