Protect The Most Valuable Data In Your Company

Your company’s most valued asset? CAD data. It holds competitive advantage, years of R&D, proprietary data with regulatory controls, and sometimes national security. Ensure its security with best-in-class encryption, enterprise-grade identity and compliance controls, and full transparency and visibility. Vertex is the only 3D visualization platform on the market that offers end-to-end protection of your data using industry best practices.

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Don’t Compromise Between Security and Collaboration

Today’s collaboration workflows put your CAD data at risk by your users needing to constantly move and render files between big, expensive workstations. To achieve the ease and speed of collaboration that users demand, they often sacrifice security.

Security By Design

We designed and built the Vertex platform with enterprise-grade security requirements top of mind. Our cloud-based rendering engine gives your company the security benefits of a distributed system while also giving your users the performance they demand.

Security By Design
Transparency & Control

Transparency & Control

Never lose sight of your data or who has access. Vertex provides native enterprise-grade security features, including single sign-on, collaboration rules, and complete audit logs. Know exactly who has access and where they are in the world to quickly prevent and eliminate threats.

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The cloud is not a compromise. Cloud-based solutions are more secure than today’s methods of collaboration while providing multiple business benefits. Maximize your CAD and PLM investments while reducing operating costs from legacy systems, GPUs, storage servers, and support.

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