Digital Twins:
Accelerating Smart Factories with 3D Visualization

Cloud-based 3D rendering is enabling the future of Industry 4.0. Today’s tools are not capable of delivering 3D visuals to downstream users. With the power of Vertex, you can turn your smart factory into a true digital twin by embedding 3D visuals connected to your factory floor data.

Join our 30-minute webcast “Digital Twins: Accelerating Smart Factories with 3D Visualization” to see how Vertex can help you:

  • Deliver model-based definition (MBD) 3D visuals with your work instructions
  • Improve manufacturing data quality by allowing your technicians to pinpoint issues on the line
  • Understand and optimize your factory planning to achieve higher operational efficiency

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Matt Heying


Matt Heying

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Matt has over 15 years of experience in designing and building B2B cloud-based collaborative applications in manufacturing, finance, and defense. Matt received his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Iowa State University. Matt’s graduate work at the Virtual Reality Applications Center (VRAC) focused on 3D visualization and machine learning for mechanical and materials design applications. In his role at Vertex, Matt oversees the product management and product marketing teams in addition to leading initiatives on new markets and products.

Alison Sickelka


Alison Sickelka

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Alison has worked with product teams for over a decade, in both business and product roles. Currently, Alison oversees product management at Vertex Software. Alison and her team work across the organization and with customers to ensure Vertex discovers and delivers valuable solutions to market that customers love. Alison has been at the cross-section of business and technology throughout her career, and enjoys spending time understanding customer needs and then working with engineering and stakeholders to develop new solutions to solve those needs.

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