Digital Twins:
Gain insights by Visualizing Real-Time IoT Data in your 3D Design

With the influx of data from IoT sensors, manufacturers struggle to make sense of their information to turn it into actionable insights. Vertex helps manufacturers build context of their rich sensor data by visualizing the data on the actual product design.

Join our second session of our series “Digital Twins: Gain insights by visualizing real-time IoT data in your 3D design” to see how Vertex can help you:

  • Identify improvements and iterate on future design changes
  • Detect and diagnose issues faster
  • Anticipate repairs, reduce defects, and increase quality

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Matt Heying


Matt Heying

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Matt has over 15 years of experience in designing and building B2B cloud-based collaborative applications in manufacturing, finance, and defense. Matt received his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Iowa State University. Matt’s graduate work at the Virtual Reality Applications Center (VRAC) focused on 3D visualization and machine learning for mechanical and materials design applications. In his role at Vertex, Matt oversees the product management and product marketing teams in addition to leading initiatives on new markets and products.

Jim Zwica


Jim Zwica

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Jim has extensive experience in product lifecycle management (PLM), coming from his roles with EAI, Siemens, and Caterpillar, where he coached manufacturers on how to best leverage PLM, communicated technology recommendations from the customer back to executive leadership teams, and led development teams to create technology for virtual design reviews. As a Vertex strategic expert, Jim serves as a liaison between customers and the Vertex platform, providing recommendations for improvements and upgrades.

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