Collaborate with clients—no travel needed

We can help. In fact, CIOReview awarded us a top 20 spot in their most promising collaboration solution providers.

Our 3D platform for the digital twin keeps you connected with your customers, prospects, and dealers without the need to travel. Collaborate with 3D product data from any device—no hardware, software, downloads, or PLM access needed.

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It's been amazing to have Vertex now that we're all remote with no central place to connect. Because of variable internet connections, doing design reviews in Vertex has allowed us to keep the work moving like normal.

Andrew Leust, Design Engineer, Vermeer

We're alongside the innovators that keep millions connected

Vertex makes connecting with your global team and customer base as easy and accessible as working in the same room. We help you stay productive and collaborative with your PLM and CAD data.

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Vertex improves your current workflows and tools. Customers plug our visualization engine directly into their existing interface, applications, and systems. Any team now has access to 3D product data for their own enterprise workflows.

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Connected 3D Digital Twin

Stop Traveling to Lock Down Designs
Design Collaboration

Stop Traveling to Lock Down Designs

Vertex brings collaborators into a common, scalable platform. Teams can easily review product data from any size model in real-time Stories with their collaborators.