Talking with Shree Moorthy & Eric Sterling
TCO, Performance, & Security with 3D Visualization

What brings the previous GM of Teamcenter out of retirement? Or the CIO of Tata Technologies to a small startup company? The fulfilled promise of a seamless, 3D visualization platform that finally solves cost, performance, and security challenges in manufacturing.

In this panel discussion, Vertex Executive Vice President Mike Sellberg sits down with Senior VP of Digital Transformation Strategy Shree Moorthy and Executive Advisor for Manufacturing Solutions Eric Sterling to discuss why Vertex’s cloud-native platform is such a game-changer in 3D visualization. This trio of experts discuss:

  • The history of massive model visualization in manufacturing
  • How cloud-native architecture keeps the total cost of ownership low with powerful performance
  • The “humpty dumpty” method of security
  • The role Vertex plays in bringing cloud-native visualization to any manufacturer