Legacy to Leading: How to Transform into a Cutting-Edge Manufacturer

Today’s workforce expects technologies that provide instant connection to any person and any piece of information at any time. Manufacturers invest significantly in manufacturing capital, business processes, enterprise systems, and enterprise tools which provide positive return at a point in time. However, these also can reduce flexibility to adapt over time. Company cultures themselves must be considered to embrace change and new, more efficient ways of working.

The question that remains: what can teams do to evolve towards the tools and processes that the new workforce expects? Joseph Anderson, IpX President and long-time advocate for a connected enterprise, is hosting a roundtable with Dan Murray, CEO & Founder of Vertex Software, and Paul Nelson, Chief Technical Strategist, Tech Fellow at Northrop Grumman, to discuss how both the industry and the software side aims to tackle these challenges in our webinar Legacy to Leading: How to Transform into a Cutting-Edge Manufacturer. Attendees will hear from these experts:

  • How to get aligned on company initiatives and change management without creating disruption
  • The critical role that cloud plays in connecting teams, departments, and the extended enterprise
  • Why (and how) software vendors should take a partnership approach