How Manufacturing Looks In Today’s New Normal

3 months after the country’s massive work-from-home upheaval, most manufacturers have adapted to initial remote work hurdles. Now, many are faced with a more daunting challenge: how can we plan for the next 12-24 months? What are the true best practices for keeping business productive? How do we make what feels abnormal the new normal?

Download our virtual roundtable with Ryan McVay from Cantel Medical, Natalie Straup from Boeing, and Nicholas Holian from DXC Technology as we tackle these questions. These industry experts across the industry will help unpack how they’re developing day-to-day best practices in:

  • Staying collaborative, agile, and innovative with remote teams
  • Keeping connected with customers and the supply chain
  • Uncovering and addressing risky workarounds
  • Fully embracing digital transformation to leverage new technologies