Written by Rachel Holmes

Are You Ready For The Next Gen Engineer? [Webinar Announcement]

Today’s incoming talent pool grew up with technologies that provide instant connection to any person and any piece of information—at any time with lightning speed. Yet, many manufacturers are still using decades-old tools and approaches that disconnect teams and keep engineers tethered to their desks. In fact, 1 in five US companies say finding the right talent is their biggest obstacle in digital transformation. And, Deloitte estimates that the manufacturing industry could face a shortage of 2 million workers by 2028.

So what can companies do to attract the next gen engineer? Matt Heying, Vertex Director of Product and long-time advocate for innovative technology, is tackling this question in Digital Enterprise Society’s webinar Are You Ready For The Next Gen Engineer? on November 19 at 1:00 CT. 

Join this free webinar to learn:

  • An engineer’s top technology expectations compared to today’s working world 
  • 3 digital transformation initiatives that attract the top talent
  • Game-changing technology tools that align with digital transformation initiatives

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