Written by John Heller

Lunch & Learn Series: What Can You Do With Vertex?

The manufacturing industry has a strong vision for Industry 4.0 through digital transformation, promising a connected enterprise, understanding product data from anywhere in the lifecycle, and smart technology. But companies can quickly feel overwhelmed because their existing tools and processes aren’t up to the challenge of digital transformation. In fact, McKinsey estimates only 30 percent of companies are capturing value from their Industry 4.0 solutions. But companies can no longer afford to wait to realize digital transformation benefits. The speed of digital transformation means that if companies aren’t moving now, they won’t stay relevant. 

The pandemic may have forced manufacturers to rush towards digital transformation, but now they realize they aren’t equipped to connect departments across tools and silos to stay productive, timely, and innovative at any spot in their organization. Unfortunately, many manufacturers don’t know how to make the best use of their data and make it available to anyone who needs it.

Vertex customers find immediate value in their data by ingesting product and process information with interactive digital twins. Because everyone at an enterprise has their own unique needs surrounding product information, the most ideal way to experience data is to view it in a similarly unique context. Our customers connect silos and experience real-time feedback to improve the physical products teams build, sell, and support.  

To show you the power behind how our platform connects people, processes, and data throughout the enterprise, we are beginning a biweekly, 30 minute 6-episode series over the next several weeks. Our first three sessions in August are tackling the opportunities that manufacturers have in manufacturing, enterprise digital twin, and field service:

  • Connected Manufacturing: Improve Quality and Throughput with Digital Twins, August 03 at 12:30pm CT: The factory floor is the lifeblood of a manufacturer. Guarantee your operations run smoothly, efficiently, and on budget by connecting people to the data they need. See how our customers use Vertex in use cases for the shop floor, IoT, work instructions, and quality reporting.
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  • Connected Enterprise: Building and Connecting to Your Digital Thread, August 17 at 12:30pm CT: See how you can integrate product data throughout the enterprise to build a connected digital thread across engineering, manufacturing, service, and sales. Vertex can help supercharge the development of data-centric applications to unlock value out of data science, AI, and IoT.
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  • Connected Field Service: Use Digital Twins to Improve Uptime, August 31 at 12:30pm CT: Service departments have the potential to bring significant revenue and customer loyalty. Learn how Vertex helps field service teams immediately access and understand product data from any device anywhere for predicting maintenance needs, resolving issues, gaining IoT insights, and training service providers.
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Vertex’s 3D platform for the digital twin gives companies the ability to connect business systems and silos so they can realize true value with their product and process data assets. Whether it’s providing work instructions to field technicians, improving defect reporting through part selection, or visualizing IoT data on the actual product design, the Vertex visualization engine helps manufacturers boost accuracy, increase efficiency, and make better business decisions. Because we are cloud native, we make visualizing massive models both fast and seamless to the end user. And we’ve designed our platform to be easy to work with, so integrating data from multiple sources is also easy and seamless. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by how to make the most of Industry 4.0, you don't want to miss these sessions. Join us for our lunch-and-learn-style webcasts to learn how to make the most of your product data.

About John Heller

John has extensive experience in mechanical engineering, supplier collaboration, cross-functional relationship-building, and procurement activities. Through this experience, he learned optimal ways to bridge the gap between engineering, procurement, and the supply chain. He has championed new product roadmaps, spearheaded procurement strategies, and worked with customers to understand truly valuable opportunities for product improvement. As Product Marketer for Vertex Software, John leverages his extensive background in engineering and product lifecycle to best understand and communicate pain points and opportunities in manufacturing organizations.