Written by John Heller

Lunch & Learn Series: Digital Twins for Product Design, Connecting Customers, and Connected Factory

Many organizations still haven’t realized the true value of their product and process data. Some aren’t sure how to get the data out of engineering to downstream teams. Others may think that connecting the enterprise requires high-end infrastructure. Or perhaps some have started building a strategy but don’t have a way to connect data to a virtual representation to accurately gain insights.

If this sounds familiar, you aren’t alone. That’s why Vertex is on a mission to help the manufacturing industry realize the promise of connecting people, processes, and data for any team using any device. With our visualization platform for the digital twin, we enable companies to connect departments all along the digital thread to the source of truth throughout the product lifecycle. We provide a common platform to interact with data in a real-time virtual representation that mirrors the physical products you source, build, sell, and support.

By integrating a digital twin anywhere along the digital thread, you can accelerate timelines, get to market faster, and discover new opportunities to leverage your product data. Customers choose Vertex because we scale to meet needs with ease, and our platform is easy to work with. To make the value behind Vertex easy to understand, we’ve been hosting short lunch & learn webcasts that target different areas of your organization that benefit from access to real-time product data.

In the first three digital twin webinars, we showed you how to use Vertex to connect visuals to people for the manufacturing floor, enterprise digital thread workflows, and field service teams. Our next three sessions on September 09, September 23, and October 07 at 12:30pm are tackling opportunities in product development, connected customers, and the factory of the future:

  • Connected Product Design: Improve Design Quality & Save Time, September 09 at 12:30pm CT: Every department along the digital thread relies on what happens in product development. See how Vertex connects downstream teams and external partners with the product data they need to empower product innovation and improve design reviews.

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  • Connected Customer Experience: Bring Customers into the Product Lifecycle, September 23 at 12:30pm CT: Give your customers a seat at the table during the design, sales, and service process. See why companies choose Vertex to elevate the buying experience in CPQ and ETO frameworks while building feedback loops between engineering, sales, and customers early in the product lifecycle.

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  • Connected Factory: Get Insights from Data to Improve OEE, October 07 at 12:30pm CT: Understand exactly what goes on in your factory in its entirety. Vertex supports massive factory processes, including process twin, point cloud factory layout, and assembly line flow processes for your biggest factories.

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About John Heller

John has extensive experience in mechanical engineering, supplier collaboration, cross-functional relationship-building, and procurement activities. Through this experience, he learned optimal ways to bridge the gap between engineering, procurement, and the supply chain. He has championed new product roadmaps, spearheaded procurement strategies, and worked with customers to understand truly valuable opportunities for product improvement. As Product Marketer for Vertex Software, John leverages his extensive background in engineering and product lifecycle to best understand and communicate pain points and opportunities in manufacturing organizations.