Written by Rachel Holmes

5 Digital Transformation Themes You Need to Know [Webinar Announcement]

How does your company decide which initiatives to implement across an enterprise? Large OEMs may juggle dozens, if not hundreds, of potential implementations to address both short-term and long-term problems. But without a clear and direct plan to map project and program initiatives, the best intentions can quickly dissolve into chaos.

Craig Brown (former PLM Leader at General Motors) and Don Haupt (former PLM Technical Steward at Caterpillar) spent their years in product lifecycle management (PLM) leadership developing and refining themes to map project initiatives. These themes keep companies focused on streamlining efforts, keeping costs low, tightening schedules, and improving product innovations. 

Craig and Don are joining forces in Engineering.com’s upcoming webinar, “5 Digital Transformation Themes You Need to Know: 
What 2 PLM Leaders from Caterpillar & General Motors Recommend.” Join us on October 15th at 2:00 ET to learn:

  • Craig and Don’s top 5 PLM themes based on their 30+ years at Caterpillar and GM
  • Why you should develop PLM themes in your company
  • Why Craig and Don believe the Vertex platform may enable PLM themes, including a brief product demo from Vertex solution architect Jim Zwica

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