Written by John Heller

Recapping PI PLMx 2019

We’re back from PI PLMx 2019, and the name of the game continues to be digital transformation. As we’ve seen at events and from the industry’s thought leaders, digital transformation is continuing to provide unique opportunities and challenges. The mood at PI PLMx was no different with presentations from manufacturing leaders discussing how to be successful in your digital transformation.

Moving Fast in Digital Transformation

PI PLMx kicked the event off with a keynote from The Spaceship Company that talked about how companies need to be agile and fast in Industry 4.0. The concept of moving fast isn’t new, but I particularly liked the visual that Ron Ruzewski from INDYCAR and IMSA SportsCar Competition provided: “The green flag falls whether you are ready or not." Digitalization helps companies increase their speed of innovation and the iteration process.

It’s All About Teamwork

Hand-in-hand with moving fast, several presenters also talked about the importance of teamwork. Rick Chang of Faraday Future said that digital transformation and data management should support a company initiative rather than a siloed department. The opening keynote from The Spaceship Company kicked off the idea of teamwork, indicating that good results aren’t possible without the whole team’s involvement. 

If you’re interested in learning about how Vertex can support teamwork, check out our blog here.

Rolling Out Digital Transformation

“Process, process, process: The most important assessment in a company’s digital transformation journey.” This quote from Adam Specht of DRiV Incorporated summarized his engaging discussion on the importance of top-down business objectives. Digital transformation won’t be successful if a company’s goal is just to “create efficiency.” Instead, companies need to identify specific goals, such as comparing predicted product launch results with actuals, or identifying how quickly a company reaches projected revenues.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, I found PI PLMx to be beneficial in providing attendees with valuable ways of approaching and implementing digital transformation. If you attended PI PLMx, I’d be curious to know your thoughts and takeaways as well. You can find me on LinkedIn.

About John Heller

John has extensive experience in mechanical engineering, supplier collaboration, cross-functional relationship-building, and procurement activities. Through this experience, he learned optimal ways to bridge the gap between engineering, procurement, and the supply chain. He has championed new product roadmaps, spearheaded procurement strategies, and worked with customers to understand truly valuable opportunities for product improvement. As Product Marketer for Vertex Software, John leverages his extensive background in engineering and product lifecycle to best understand and communicate pain points and opportunities in manufacturing organizations.