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Engage suppliers earlier for optimal product designs

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Get the Right Supplier for the Job

Gain complete confidence in your supplier’s quality and costs. Vertex gets procurement and engineering teams engaged with the supply chain significantly earlier in the product development process. Easily access and share real-time 3D models and product data from any lightweight device.

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Never Ask For a Screenshot Again

Develop deeper relationships with suppliers. Easily provide a 3D, interactive view of the product design to get the most accurate information from suppliers. Share product dimensions, measurements, and instructions in full 3D context.

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Digital Twin Platform

Secure Supplier Collaboration

Offer interactive 3D product content in real-time while keeping valuable IP hidden. Embed visuals into your supplier portals and other business systems to improve cost analysis, track components easily, and keep production lines moving.

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Connect to the Supply Chain

Supplier Collaboration

The Secret to Successful Supplier Collaboration

The first step to improving external supplier collaboration: look internally. The relationship between engineering and procurement impacts the ability to work with suppliers. supplier collaboration building relationships R&D research and development procurement manufacturing engineering
Design Collaboration

How to Choose the Best 3D Collaboration Tool

Ask yourself these 3 questions to determine if your 3D collaboration tool is really working for you—or if it’s limiting your collaboration experiences. 3D collaboration tool solution visualization model scale scaling plm engineering engineers design product CAD
Supplier Collaboration

6 Methods for Effective Supplier Collaboration

There are six good places to start in order to simplify and streamline collaboration. supplier collaboration supply chain relationship model-based enterprise MBE tools product design data

Empower Your Team With Access To 3D Data

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