Vertex for Field Service

Enable remote training, accelerate repairs, and improve issue resolution

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Bring 3D to Field Service

Connect service and engineering BOMs to understand and track product information. Train your teams using full 3D products remotely. Thanks to the power of Vertex, field service teams quickly identify replacement parts, communicate field issues, and access 3D work instructions. Visualize feeds from IoT devices in 3D context to find improvements and proactively maintain components.

Vertex Connect™

Improve Field Service With 2‑Way Communication

Use Vertex’s collaboration app to describe issues and identify problems. Instantly pull up full 3D product models, build the view you need, and quickly send to quality, warranty, or other technical teams for fast issue resolution and component improvements.

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Digital Twin Platform

Speed Up Diagnostics, Resolution, and Ordering

Plug the power of the Vertex visualization engine into your field service tools for better accuracy and faster resolution. Quickly see current jobs, get accurate work instructions on a mobile device with full fidelity, visualize feeds from IoT devices, and access full 3D product models.

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Digital Twin for Service Teams

Digital Transformation

Digital Twins for Service Teams and IoT Analytics in 30 Minutes

Connect teams and deliver access to 3D product data in your smart factory and IoT analytics. Register for our webcast series to see how. digital twin field service IoT analytics webinar alison sickelka vertex software 3D visualization

Get Visuals Anywhere In The Field

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