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Enabling successful work-from-home processes is now IT’s top priority. But enterprise users are overwhelmed with limited home networks, travel restrictions, slow access, and thin clients. It’s time to embrace the cloud.
  • Maximize current investments
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Ensure data security
Vertex gives business users the performance they need while providing IT teams the best practices in 3D collaboration. Get users on board and working in under an hour.
  • Enable Your Business Users
    Vertex makes 3D design collaboration easy, secure, and scalable for all your business users. We address both your immediate and long-term collaboration needs. Unlock 3D product data for any team.
  • Get Your Teams On Board
    Vertex is easy to integrate and doesn’t require software or hardware deployment. Because we do the heavy lifting of rendering and translating data in the cloud, there’s no strain on your company’s VPN.
  • Maintain Control & Visibility
    Have the ultimate transparency into your data and who has access. Vertex provides native enterprise-grade security features, including SSO, collaboration rules, and a complete audit trail.
  • Cloud-Based Security
    We built our cloud-based platform to incorporate enterprise-grade capabilities and security features. Vertex is compliant with SOC2 and GDPR.

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It's been amazing to have Vertex now that we're all remote with no central place to connect. Because of variable internet connections, doing design reviews in Vertex has allowed us to keep the work moving like normal.

Andrew Leust, Design Engineer, Vermeer


Bring powerful visualization to align your organization with ease.


How Vertex Keeps Product Designs Secure

Watch our security video to learn how our cloud-first approach to sharding, encrypting, and protecting your data gives you peace of mind. secure securing security data IP intellectual property CAD video encryption protection encrypting

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