3D Engine for the Digital Twin

Unlock 3D data from PLM, CAD, and ERP tools for your enterprise

Vertex improves and enhances your current workflows and tools. Plug our visualization engine directly into your existing interface, applications, and systems. Vertex is easy to use and low cost to deploy and maintain. Unlock 3D product data from any size model, to any number of user, on any device.

What We Can Do

Vertex Powers Industry 4.0

  • Create smart factory digital twins to boost quality and efficiency
  • Connect field service with 3D visuals for training and fast resolution
  • Give sales and customers visibility into products with engaging 3D experiences
  • Visualize real-time IoT data and analytics on a 3D digital twin in your context

Align 3D Digital Twins To Your Context

Vertex enables you to deliver rich 3D experiences and connect teams across your enterprise to the real-time data source. Plug our visualization engine into your systems to leverage real-time, interactive, 3D data into your business workflows. Choose the only platform on the market with limitless scalability for your biggest teams, massive models, and creative digital twin needs.

Build and Extend Custom Solutions

Vertex enables you to build any custom solution to visualize any size model with any number of users on any device. Vertex requires zero software and hardware deployment and is simple to integrate. Any support needed in onboarding is readily available.

  • Easily scale to your desired outcome
  • Interact with your custom apps on any device
  • Find your insights with lightning-fast performance on your largest models
Supercar on multiple devices

Automate Data Transformation

Engineers spend 10 hours a week simply getting data into a shareable format. Eliminate manual data transformation activities to get interactive, real-time 3D digital twins to your business users fast.

  • Send 3D data automatically from PLM or CAD systems into Vertex
  • Consume your data in any format
  • Keep your data in Vertex current with automatic updates from your tools
Data transformation across different teams

Connect Visuals to a System of Record

Rather than bouncing between different systems of record, connect enterprise data to a single 3D visualization source anywhere in your extended enterprise.

  • Connect 3D visuals to live data from MES, ERP, CRM, and other sources
  • Real-time data views lead to better decisions
  • Set up customized, visual alerts when KPIs deviate from your defined thresholds
Connecting to a system of record

Deliver Low-Code Applications Quickly

The Vertex platform is easy to implement. Start visualizing 3D in just a few lines of code to get up and running fast.

  • Accelerate your digital transformation
  • Simplify engagement with your systems of record
  • Rapidly achieve time to value
Deliver low-code applications quickly

Cloud-Based Security

Maintain complete transparency and control over what data is stored, who can access the data, and where they are in the world. The Vertex engine streams images to the client, rather than sending actual 3D geometry. That means no more orphaned data, risks to IP, or cached data to a local machine.

Learn More About Our Security Approach

Developer Tools and APIs

Looking to develop custom applications using our visualization engine? Harness the power of Vertex with our low-code experience.

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