Unlock 3D Product Data

Improve team collaboration for faster reviews and better decisions.

People use storytelling to communicate, connect to one another, and find common ground. We think that companies should take the same approach when designing, building, and servicing products. We developed the Vertex platform to enable holistic storytelling and BOM collaboration. Vertex provides aligned 3D visuals and digital twins between cross-functional teams and their external partners, suppliers, and customers.

Begin your story with team-based 3D collaboration

Begin crafting your product development story instantly. The Vertex platform integrates seamlessly with your preferred PLM and CAD tools, giving you an easy collaboration space. Instantly team up with your colleagues and share information without IT administration or training.

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Tell your story with aligned 3D visuals

Instantly load, open, and interact with any size model. Search BOM components by name or metadata to easily toggle parts on and off. Draw ideas and pin comments directly on models. Vertex eliminates rendering, lag, and latency, giving you a responsive and intuitive interface to create meaningful conversations.

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Share your story with the Vertex Story

Sharing your story is as easy as sharing a Story. Select multiple Snapshots and bundle them together to create a Story. Enable export on specific Snapshots in your Story to allow collaborators to download only the available BOM assembly. Collaborators download geometry, reply to comments, and upload proposed geometry into the attachments section. True collaboration begins with open communication.

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Access your story from anywhere

People tell, share, and access stories in many ways. Access the 3D Viewer and a Story from anywhere on any mobile device. With no special hardware or software needed, you can review, comment, and stay up to date with your project from anywhere.

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Protect your story and intellectual property

Share your Story with peace of mind. Control your exports by reducing the BOM so you can protect your most valuable intellectual property. Remove the ability to export geometry or revoke access to the Story completely. Review the Story’s full audit trail to have traceability of a collaborator’s views and interactions with the data. Vertex delivers and streams images of the 3D model, so nothing is ever cached onto a collaborator’s device.

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We wrote our story differently than most

  • Instantly team up and share data

    Invite new team members and share models as simply as typing an email address—instantly and securely with anyone.

  • Cloud-based, secure with self-admin

    Access the model at the same time as thousands of users for true aligned visuals. Administered by your own team, not IT.

  • Over 1M BOM lines in a blink

    Load and manipulate massive models with zero lag or loss in performance.

  • Any device, zero training

    Use effortlessly on any device with zero training. Any user is up to speed in under a minute.

  • No hardware, no more GPU’s

    Render massive models using only CPUs—no specialized hardware or GPUs needed.

Vertex platform in a hexagon

Create your own story

Start writing your own story using the Vertex platform.

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