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BOM engagement platform

The Vertex platform is the first BOM engagement platform that connects BOM, cloud-rendered 3D visualization, and data aggregation and analytics in a team collaboration space. Vertex aligns product visuals and data between engineering, internal teams, suppliers, and customers.

Of the 70 percent of companies who have started a formal digital transformation, only 5 percent are satisfied with their progress. And, companies will pour an estimated $220 billion on worldwide digital transformation in 2019. Vertex minimizes digital transformation costs while transforming how companies collaborate with digital information. We empower teams to quickly share and collaborate on even the most complex designs, regardless of department or tool.

Wireframe models
BOM Engagement Graphic Arrow in the direction, left to right
Full Color models
  • Enables the digital twin with contextual BOM and 3D views

  • Combines metadata search and spatial queries

  • Provides data analytics coupled with cloud-based 3D rendering

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