About John Heller

John has extensive experience in mechanical engineering, supplier collaboration, cross-functional relationship-building, and procurement activities. Through this experience, he learned optimal ways to bridge the gap between engineering, procurement, and the supply chain. He has championed new product roadmaps, spearheaded procurement strategies, and worked with customers to understand truly valuable opportunities for product improvement. As Product Marketer for Vertex Software, John leverages his extensive background in engineering and product lifecycle to best understand and communicate pain points and opportunities in manufacturing organizations.

Articles by John Heller
Digital Transformation

What I Learned About Digital Transformation in November

Read our biggest takeaways from the CIMdata, Purdue University, and PI DX digital transformation events. digital transformation twin plm purdue event CIMData roadmap PI DX PIDX PI DX manufacturing innovation technology 3D data john heller
Digital Transformation

3 Takeaways from PI PLMx 2019

We’re back from PI PLMx, and the name of the game continues to be digital transformation. John Heller reviews his takeaways. PI PLMx digital transformation john heller process manufacturing
Digital Manufacturing

Recapping IpX ConX19

The true theme of ConX19 was about the attitude and approach a company must take when undergoing digital transformation. ipx institute for process excellence ConX digital transformation challenges
Design Collaboration

Agile Response to Customer Needs

When it’s time to make changes to a product, an OEM may hesitate to change. Gain the agility to respond quickly to shifting customer needs. product development lifecycle supplier collaboration customer vertex connect field issue resolution proactive
Design Collaboration

Stop Traveling to Lock Down Designs

Vertex brings collaborators into a common, scalable platform. Teams can easily review product data from any size model in real-time Stories with their collaborators. product development lifecycle vertex connect collaboration decision making design
Design Collaboration

How to Connect Workplace Silos with Vertex

Vertex gives teams a place to collaborate early in the design process so companies can spot opportunities to add critical components, shorten timelines, and improve the design. product development lifecycle vertex connect collaboration decision making design silos downstream teams departments
Design Collaboration, Model-Based Enterprise

Solving Design Collaboration in Aerospace & Defense

90% of A&D companies expect to exchange more data with partners in the coming years. Learn how to get ahead of collaboration challenges. CIMData design collaboration aerospace plm extended enterprise 3D
Design Collaboration

Make Teamwork a Cinch

Today’s collaboration tools limit early-stage design, but early collaboration improves innovation. Vertex simplifies collaboration on 3D product data. product development lifecycle vertex connect collaboration decision making design silos downstream teams departments supplier supply chain
Design Collaboration

The Pain of Product Development—And How to Fix It

Today’s design collaboration process is broken. Learn the 5 pain points of collaboration in product development—and how to solve them product development design lifecycle supplier collaboration supply chain customers
Supplier Collaboration

6 Methods for Effective Supplier Collaboration

There are six good places to start in order to simplify and streamline collaboration. supplier collaboration supply chain relationship model-based enterprise MBE tools product design data
Supplier Collaboration

The Secret to Successful Supplier Collaboration

The first step to improving external supplier collaboration: look internally. The relationship between engineering and procurement impacts the ability to work with suppliers. supplier collaboration building relationships R&D research and development procurement manufacturing engineering
Supplier Collaboration

Make Supplier Collaboration a Two-Way Street

When OEMs bring suppliers into the fold, suppliers can provide innovative ideas for improvement and support enterprise initiatives. supplier collaboration industry 4.0 tools manufacturing
Supplier Collaboration

How Supplier Collaboration Impacts Innovation

The most forward-thinking manufacturers constantly seek new ways to innovate. Yet, many overlook one of the most advantageous and effective methods to innovate in product design: the supply chain. supplier collaboration innovation manufacturing relationships chain product design