Join Vertex at an Exclusive Virtual Deloitte CES 2021 VIP Event

Monday, Jan 11, 2021
12PM - 2PM CST

Explore emerging tech solutions that are accelerating digital transformation in the smart manufacturing ecosystem. Deloitte brings industry leaders, technologists, and leading startups to explore the latest developments in next generation manufacturing and factory operations.

Join Vertex CEO & Founder Dan Murray to learn about the state of 3D visualization in manufacturing, why it is a critical element of digital transformation initiatives, and how it’s a lot easier to implement than you might think.

Accelerate Your Smart Factory Initiatives

Escape pilot purgatory and get your smart factory initiatives up and running in days, not months. Vertex enables companies to effortlessly create and deliver interactive 3D experiences to any point of work—from design team, to factory floor, to sales floor. 

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Accelerate Your Smart Factory with 3D Visuals

3D visualization is the key to powering your smart factory. Download our white paper to see how Vertex embeds 3D visuals to power your smart factory and work instructions.

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